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She's Come UndoneShe's Come Undone is an extremely notable novel that should be read for a variety of reasons. The book deals with a variety of social issues the members of the baby boomer generation had to confront. It also shows the growth and transformation of an individual. Finally it is a good read, and can be read for entertainment value alone.

This novel deals with a wide range of social issues, from family lifestyles to health issues. The family issues being discussed throughout this novel begin with adultery and divorce. The main character Dolores's father is having an affair with the women he works with, thus resulting in a divorce with his wife. This proposes an alternative type of family which the reader may be unaware or unfamiliar with, they can hopefully then come to accept the more unconventional lifestyle into a more "normal" status. In addition to family issues, the author discusses a variety of social issues.

The main focus of the novel is Dolores's weight. Obesity is not socially acceptable in society today, or in regards to this novel. However unless someone can relate to this physical irregularity, one does not understand the trials and tribulations someone with a weight problem undergoes.

However, the author Wally Lamb allows the reader to live vicariously through Dolores and to see how unwelcoming the outside world can be to someone with an obvious difference. As well as obesity, topics of contention include HIV, abortion, and homosexuality. To a sheltered reader these issues are most likely looked down upon.

However, hopefully when coming across them in the novel one can look at them with more knowledge and develop their own opinion, which may be different from the notorious belief.

While discussing social issues, this novel follows the life of an...

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