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My goals for attending the University of Phoenix are many. One is that I would like the opportunity to study under and along side working professionals who will both educate me and share the real world knowledge needed to succeed in today's work force. Upon graduating I will have a degree from an accredited university, and will have been able to continue working to obtain the experience needed to set myself apart from my peers entering the job market. The University of Phoenix prides itself on providing an education for working adults who would like to enhance their career. Employers all over the world are placing more and more importance on education. According to the University of Phoenix website "college graduates earn an average of 98% more income than non-college graduates." This is a huge factor in my decision to continue my education. I think that not only will I have the advantage of a higher salary, but that there will be an increased amount of opportunities for employment with my completed administration degree.

During my job hunting I have found that almost all of the positions for which I am interested require at least a Bachelors degree, if not a Masters as well. The most important reason I have decided to be a University of Phoenix student is to be able to obtain such a position where I am making the salary I deserve. This is probably the main reason students today decide to go to college. Without the piece of paper showing I have accomplished this degree, there is no way I will be able to impress a perspective employer; especially if my competition has more education than I.

My goal for completion will not be difficult because the University of Phoenix offers the option of completing...

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