Performance Evaluations

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Performance Evaluations

As indicated within the following website,, there have been many downfalls with respects to performance evaluations despite all the efforts put into such evaluations to ensure their effectiveness. In "Effective performance appraisals," by Brian Gill, the author notes that a number of major problems have arisen within numerous organizations upon the performance evaluation process. Such potential problems include situations in which the a supervisor gives either excellent or poor ratings on every trait. Such traits may include quality of work, quantity of work, knowledge of the job, attendance and punctuality, dependability, adaptability, initiative, judgment, cooperativeness and personal qualities such as leadership, honesty and appearance. This is known as the "halo effect." Another potential problem is dubbed the "sunflower effect" and occurs when a supervisor gives his/her employees only high marks, despite bad performance, to make him or herself look like a good supervisor.

Also noted within the website, as indicated by the text of Brian Gill, "Effective performance appraisals," yet another problem is giving everyone average marks to make the process easy and avoid conflict, which is known as a "central tendency."

Some supervisors instead rate those employees who they know well and really like as exceptional performers, regardless of actual performance, which is a form of "favoritism." Personality and emotions an influence any evaluation process as well. For example, "guilt by association" is when a supervisor rates an employee not on performance, but by who the employee associates with. This is not a fair form of evaluation as the one employee may perform very well and the other may be a slacker. The exceptional employee should not be considered a lazy employee as well due to the fact that they eat lunch together everyday and maintain a friendship at work.

It may be quite...

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