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Percy Bysshe Shelly is a well renowned author of poetry and prose. He has written much credible works during his time. One particular poem is a sonnet called Ozymandias which tells us that humans are mortals and do not live forever, we are temporal

creatures and that with the person goes the power.

My first impression of this poem made me very confused. How could I spot the

transitions here so I can see the whole picture that the traveler from the antique land is describing to us? The author is using one metaphor throughout the whole poem and that is completely shattered and destroyed, leveled to the ground vast statue dedicated to Ozimandias. Later there is a detailed description of what other body parts of the statue are

scattered around like, trunkless legs, wrinkled lip, sneer of cold command, the hand that mocked, the heart that fed, and a pedestal with an inscription saying ; My name is Ozimandias, King of Kings, Look on my works, Ye mighty and despair!

By comparing such a great king as Ozimandias to how he presently looks like, he brings up an irony.

It is a comparison of how he used to have great power at one point and now in the present he is a mere ruined statue, which has no power or any influenced on anything or anyone whatsoever. It is just a pile of rocks which represents the power that he once possessed, that now has crumbled and disappeared just like his own civilization and everything has been turned to dust by the inevitable and destructive power of the

history. He has lost his political power that he once had, and nothing can ever change that. However his remains in the dessert will always be a reminder of his loss.

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