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Rough draft persuasive paper Dear TooeleSchool Board; I think that you should move the starting school time back to 8:30 or even 9:00 in the morning. It is a proven fact that teenagers need more sleep so they can grow and not be burned out all the time. If school started later kids could get more sleep, have time for a good breakfast and even do better in school because they are rested and can be more awake even concentrate better.

Some people say that it would affect people who do after school activities but what is wrong with practicing an hour or so later than normal. They used to do it without any problems before they changed the school starting time. Also if school got out at 3:30 or 4:00 that still would leave kids plenty of time for work or sports or any other after school activities. Another good reason for school to start later is so school goes longer and there isn't as much time for kids to go unsupervised.

So there is no good reason for school to start so early. I know that in first period I am always so tired that it is hard to learn and I always see kids sleeping throughout the day. In the winter some kids are walking to school in the dark and it's dangerous because cars can't see them and they could get in an accident. If school started later kids could get more sleep so they can be better rested, learn better, walk to school in the day light, and still have time to do everything they need to do after and during school. There is no reason not to move back the starting time of school. It is even better for the parents...

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