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Jim Jones and the People's Temple SP: To inform my audience of who Jim Jones was and what happened at Jonestown.

CI: Jim Jones was the leader of the cult called The People's Temple and he drove his followers to commit mass suicide/murder in Guyana in 1978.

Intro I. You are scared.

A. You are in the jungle and craziness surrounds you.

B. Everywhere there are people dying.

1. You're caught in the middle of a mass suicide/ murder but you can't help it.

2. You listen to the people in charge, the man that you have mistaken for God.

a. You drink the Kool-Aid that will lead to your death.

II. For many people this was a reality on November 18, 1978.

A. These people were members of the Peoples' Temple, a cult that was lead by the Rev. Jim Jones.

III. Today I am going to talk about Jim Jones as a person and how he created, ran, and finally destroyed the group The Peoples' Temple.

(TRANS: First we will start with Jim Jones life.) Body I. Jim Jones grew up in Indiana during the Great Depression A. It was there that his interest in religion, emotionality, and theatrics first started.

B. By the age of sixteen he was preaching on street corners.

C. Even at that age he thought of himself as a leader and had a very short temper.

1.When his best friend left Jones house to go home despite the fact that Jones had told him not to, Jones took out his fathers pistol and shot at the boy, missing him as he ran down the street.

D. He met Marceline, a student nurse at a hospital where Jones also held a job.

1. She was impressed by the way he worked...

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