The Pen Or Sword Which Is Mightier.

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The pen or the sword, which Is mightier? Both can be used to persuade people, both to defend, and both to harm.

The sword can help a man to defend his home, his family, his home, and his country. The sword can also harm innocent people who have crossed into wrath's path.

The pen is so much more powerful and beautiful, and mystical then the sword.

The pen has the power to lift a person so high they can feel the glorious rays of Heavens awesome love and light. It can also drop them down to the very core of the earth were they feel the lone fires of Hell. A pen will let you trace your dreams. With the pen you can draw a picture that can speak a million words and move a person to forget all except their dreams.

With a pen a man can woo a woman with his breath-taking words of love and longing.

He can make her feel his warm, powerful arms wrapped around her, guiding, comforting, and protecting her. Even when he can't really be there.

The pen can also help a lost and weary soldier find his way back to the Lord's and his families longing arms. The pen can help us re-kindle the dying fires of our love for one another. The pen can refurnish memories of lost loved one's; smiles, hopes, fears, dreams, warm hearts, and their love.

It is through the pen that Jesus and His disciples have taught us to love and respect one another, to help each other in our times of need. It is also with the pen that we were able to share our history's, to pass stories from generation to generation.

The pen has saved many souls, lives, loves, joyous occasions, monumental defeats, glorious wins, woeful people, and beautiful memories.

Remember that the words written by the pen are sharper than ANY two-edged sword. In Proverbs 12:18 the Lord reminds us that reckless words pierce just like any sword.

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