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Many people think they have a pretty good idea of what patriotism is all about. Voting, adhering to the law, and paying their taxes are what most people believe patriotism to be. Though this is needed to be a patriot, I believe it goes deeper than this. It has to be a love for your country so great the love beats with your heart.

The first thing that will define a true patriot is they are educated about the beginnings of our country and always want to learn more. Pride bursts forth from their chest in American tradition. They cherish the freedom most Americans take for granted that others around the world will never experience. They live every day never forgetting our many privileges we have been given.

They also go past voting, they research all of the candidates in an election with an open mind deciding upon them for their issues, and not their parties.

They also fight for the candidate they want. Putting up posters, and handing out fliers for example.

Also, lastly, they would be willing to die at war for the country; I believe most veterans have achieved the title, a patriot. They fought bravely for the American cause. Many have died for this great cause. These men are respected greatly by America. I thank them for their service, love, and patriotism for America.

All Americans should strive to achieve a patriotic status, just as our forefathers. They tried so hard to make a perfect America and this duty is passed on to us. We are the ones to continue to form this mostly positive environment into a near perfect environment for Americans to come, who will carry on the tradition. Let us join hands together and fight first for keeping freedom in...

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