PART C (II) Benefits of Computerised System T he introduction

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PART C (II) Benefits of Computerised System T he introduction of information systems has helped organisations' performances in many aspects of organisations tasks. Information or computerised system leaded to better performance and more efficiency in the following aspects.

Speed is the most common benefit organisation obtains from computerised system, organisation's information can be stored, analysed and retrieved almost instantly. For instance using datasheet on Access which help to store enormous number of data which are sorted and easier to retrieve than using the old filing system. Complex calculation can be carried out quickly and accurately for example using Excel which is easy to use and carry out different types of calculations such as the mean, average and mode for a large number of data..

Accuracy is achieved through reducing human errors, employees used to make mistakes when handling data and it took longer time to correct the mistakes or even to delete them.

Using computerised system reduces the mistakes for instance when using word-processing which have spelling and grammar mistake in addition any mistakes should easily be erased and typed again before printing any records.

Flexibility some computer systems can be designed to perform more than one job or task that take less time and less complicated, such as the use of some computer packages which calculate the investment appraisal. It calculates the market share price as well as the future growth of the share using one system.

Quality improvement is a major advantage of computerised system. The presentation of data has improved and have better lay out than the written copies that organisation used to have, using systems such as the word-processing can help to print a well presented copy in addition to easier future editing.

Communication is improved through technology for instance the use of E-mails that helped organisations to communicate internally and externally send and receiving instantly. Decisions can be made easier and consume less time to exchange information with other employee inside or outside the company.

Global Reach has been obtained through the use of Internet that helped organisations to improve their advertising and be familiar with other business within or outside the same country or industry. It also helped organisations to find out information about the changes in any aspects of the market and in turn prepare for future decisions. Some organisations offer their products and services through the Internet, which helps to increase the targeted customers and their market, segment and in turn increase sales and profit.

New Skills, IT changes from time to time which will help employees to build and develop skills regularly and free them from routine and less interesting tasks.

In conclusion computerised system helps organisation to operate in more efficient and effective environment and respond quicker to future changes and market requirement. In addition to better communications and access to employees

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