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Seyler 1 Parenting with Results At some point in all of our lives individuals decide whether or not they wish to be parents. It is a choice all individuals make and to those who have successfully raised children, they deserve to be commended. Raising a child is quite possibly the most difficult challenge in the world. And even more difficult than raising a child is raising a teenager. My own experience has proven this to be a truly stubborn age group.

Effective parenting comes as a result of trust, discipline, forgiveness, mutual respect, and most of all reasonable judgment within the parent-child relationship. "Parents of today's teens often remark on how dramatically the world has changed in just one generation"¦"� (Harris 54). For this reason, as Miss Harris states, the whole process of raising a teenager in today's society also has to change. All of the elements listed above have to be present in order for parents to have a successful relationship with their teens.

Although at times it may seem difficult, every parent has to trust his or her teen. Without trust it is impossible to have communication with teenagers. In order to feel safe talking with parents, teens have to be able to trust their parents. And as parents they have to trust their children or else their children will never trust them. "A teenagers room is their safe, private place and you cannot intrude on that sanctuary"� (Miller 86). That may very well be the key to building or breaking trust in a parent-child relationship, never take that away. Parents must trust that their teenager's room is their space whether it is in the parent's house or not.

Another aspect of raising a teen is discipline. What to do and what not to do. "Sometimes parents feel...

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