Parental Influences On Studies

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Lots of people think a person¡¦s educational success depends on his/her effort. In fact the parents have the most important influences on their children. There are three main influences: the parents foster their interests in child development; provide an excellent study environment for them; let them know the values on studies.

First, the parents will foster their interests when they are in childhood, they let their children to learn different skills. For example, the children can learn to play piano, violin and dance, or the children can join the workshop and join the different activities. For instance, the children can join the Boy Scout and the choir in school. And the parents will bring their children to travel other countries in order to learn other cultures and broaden their knowledge. All of these can let the children know how to communicate with other people and train different skills. In the meantime, they can learn how to solve the problem in the learning process, it will help them to deal with difficulties when they grow up.

Second, the parents provide a good study environment to their children. A good study environment does not really mean a big quiet place for studies, but it means the children can concentrate on their studies with no worries. For example, the families have a stable income in order to help them to avoid a part-time job while they are in school. And it is important to have a happy family with love. The love between mother and father plays an important role for children. Children need a real strong relationship between themselves and their parents. Children who have a strong relationship with their parents are most likely to study harder.

Third, the parents let the children know the values on studies. For example, the...

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