Paradise Lost

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In John Milton's "Paradise Lost" we are told the story of how Satan is condemned to Hell. Satan leads a rebellious battle against God, for he feels God is a tyrant. Satan loses the battle; therefore, God banishes him and his followers to Hell. While he is in Hell he discusses his situation with Beelzebub. They decide that it is better to be in charge of Hell then have to obey God in Heaven. In this story Satan portrays certain characteristics of a hero. He shows defiance, determination, and is a great leader.

Satan is defiant because he sets himself up in opposition to God. He did not like the reign of God, for he felt he was a tyrant, so he "raised impious war in Heaven" (line 43). And he tries to take over the throne and monarchy of God. He is defiant because he will never yield or bow to God, for it states, "and courage never to submit or yield" (line 108).

He also sees himself as being equal to God, for we are told, "he trusted to have equaled the Most High" (line 40).

Satan is determined because he will not yield or bow to God. He will not admit that God is more powerful then him. He is also not willing to give up, for it says, "all is not lost, the unconquerable will" (line 106). He also knows that he can not defeat God in battle but he will try and defeat him in deceit. He says, "to wage by force or guile eternal war irreconcilable to our grand Foe, who never triumphs" (line 121-123a). He will always take delight in doing evil and he will always counteract good with evil. He is also determined to turn Hell into his own Heaven. He says,

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