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Pairs Skating Event Hank - Nolan Sallie - Ashley Enrique - Jarred Shaniuqa - Cassie Guido - Josh Chantal - Kristine Sheneney - Kylie Bunny - Callie Fabio - Katie Trixie Smith - Chani Trixie- Hi this is Trixie smith for XYZ News. Today were at the pairs figure skating competition, today we have the Jamaican team with Guido and Chantal, next the Afghani team with Hank and Sallie, and wrapping up the competion we have the Spanish team with Enrique and Shaniuqa. Last week the Afghani team made an incredible comeback from the attack of anthrax in there country. They fortually escaped the virus on there flight here, were going to interview them shortly, but our first performance is from Guido and Chantal from Jamaica.

(music starts, Guido and Chantal start skating) (chatter between the judges) Bunny- They are so good, ya'll should give them good marks! Fabio- I love the awesome trick that they do coming up.

Sheneney- Girl I donno what the heck your on but they suck, I mean look at that! That's horrible! There falling apart! Trixie- Oh here comes the triple axle ........... ouch! Chantal has caught her toe pick on the ice , she's grabbing for Guido, goodness they've both gone down! It's looks as if Guido has hit his on the ice, he's bleeding! Sheneney- (laugh out loud) I told ya, they sucked! they have fallen on there faces! (laugh again) Trixie- After the embarrassing performance from Guido and Chantal let's see the results....

(judges hold up score cards) Trixie- 2.1, 8.9, and 9.2 with a total of 20.2 that will put them in last place. Moving on now were going to interview Hank and Sallie from Afghanistan.

(Trixie turns to hank and Sallie) Trixie- How do you feeling about your upcoming performance? Sallie- It is strong, we are excited and sure to win! (Sallie goes into a huge coughing fit) Hank- We feel strongly (smacks Sallie) shut up! I'm trying to talk! (turns back to Trixie) well I think well win! Trixie- How do you feel after the anthrax scare in your country? (Sallie starts to cough again and falls to the floor and begins to seizure) Hank- Ummm.... that looks unhealthy maybe we should call the paramedics! Trixie- (snaps fingers) Paramedics we need some help over here! (turns away from Guido and talks to audience) Well anyways lets go to the Spanish team.

(judges chatter to each other) Bunny- This should be good, I love Mexican music! Sheneney- this is the only actual team I like. they are actually kind of good Fabio- Ummm where are they from Russia? (with a big goofy smile) how much fun! I want go to Russia! Oh fun! (music starts and Enrique and Shaniuqa start skating) Trixie- Well Enrique and Shaniuqa have surely worked hard on this performance, lets go to the scores.

(judges hold up score cards) Trixie- 9.8, 9.8 and 9.9 with a total of 29.5 which puts them in first place! they won the gold!!!! (hank runs out screaming) Hank- NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (throws white powder everywhere) (everyone falls over and die) Hank- Now we have won the gold! (screams) Afghanistan for ever! (laughs loud)

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