A Pair of Silk Stalkings tells the story of a

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A Pair of Silk Stalkings tells the story of a poor women who one day found herself the possessor of fifteen dollars. She had a family to support, so naturally, her first thought was to use the money to help out with all the children's expenses and to be able to give them nicer things than they usually had. She went to the store to spend her money and she came across a pair of silk stockings. They were so soft she couldn't resist. Something came over her and she decided to spend the money on herself, something she hadn't done in a long time. She went on to buy a new pair of boots, a pair of gloves, and two magazines. After that she treated herself to a snack at a nice restaurant and then after realizing she had a little bit of money left, she decided to go see a picture show.

When the movie was over she caught a cable car home, hoping it would never reach it's destination.

This story portrays a woman treating herself to numerous luxuries that normally, she couldn't afford. She encounters this money and gets really excited about how she is going to spend it on her children. She goes to the store prepared to buy things for them, and then she is tempted by a pair of silk stockings. She is a women that is always giving to her family and never has any luxuries for herself. She decides to splurge and spend the money on herself. She forgets all of her troubles for one whole day and spoils herself with her newly acquired money. Kate Chopin is showing how every once in a while a person needs to do something solely for themself, even women. When she wrote this, women would have never spent that much money on themselves when it could have been used for something more productive.

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