Overview of the Vietnam War

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In the 1950's the United States, began to send armed forces over to Vietnam, for the following 20 plus years the ongoing war would create major tensions throughout U.S. History. Nearly 3 million U.S. service men and women were sent thousands of miles away from home, to fight for a rather questionable cause. In total nearly 2 and a half million people from both the U.S. and Vietnam would die in a fight that had no true point.

For the majority of Vietnams history, the country has been ruled by the Chinese, but in 1860 France would begin it's domination over the area and a few years later, they had successfully succeeded in gaining what they wanted. Then during WWII the Japanese came in and swept the territory that France had once dictated, right out from under them.

After WWII and up to 1955 France fought hard with Vietnam, to regain what they had once taken for granted, but they couldn't recapture it because that had poor military skills and soon their efforts would collapse.

The French would eventually be defeated in May of 1954, by the communist general Vo Nguyen Diap.

Between 1955 and 1960, the North Vietnamese and Vietcong attempted to take over the government in South Vietnam, and finally in November '63 President Diem was overthrown and killed. The coming year, the North Vietnamese would begin a massive attempt to conquer the whole country that was assisted by China and Russia.

Being in fear of a communist takeover of the entire region, the U.S. started to become more and more intimidated by the progress of Ho Chi Minh and the Vietcong. Communism had become a problem in the United States and with moving of Soviet rule into Europe, Korea and Cuba, the Americans were feeling...

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