The over representation of aboriginal people within the Canadian Criminal

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The over representation of aboriginal people within the Canadian Criminal Justice system is a clear indication of how the justice system has failed aboriginal people in Canada. The plethora of aboriginal individuals who populate the penitentiaries and jails in Canada shows that there must be changes made within the Canadian justice system. By bringing in the aboriginal peoples traditional ways of life and incorporate it within the Canadian justice systems it will prove to establish equality and fair treatment within the justice system. According to A.C. Hamilton, ? at the most basic level of understanding , justice is understood differently by aboriginal people, ? and these perceptions of justice must be accounted for when dealing with aboriginal individuals in the Canadian justice system?(1991:23). In dominant society, justice is equated with punishment for deviant individuals which cause them to reform and abide by societal rules. However aboriginal people view justice as a means of restoration of peace which bring equality and equalibrium to the aboriginal community.

Justice is seen as a way about bringing about major changes in the individual who is accused and also for the victims themselves. This shift of focus from the traditional justice system is achieved in Aboriginal sentencing circles. In the sentencing circle there is a major shift from the practice of the formal justice system to a way that reflects Aboriginal concepts and methods of healing . the later has been proven to be an effective means of healing for Aboriginal people. The goal of the sentencing circle is to rehabilitate the offender so that they can be accepted into the Aboriginal community again. The Canadian justice system must considers examining more ways than one in which they can incorporate different methods of administering justice to different individuals of traditional sentencing hearing...

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