Outcasts Of Poker Flat

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Well in most papers this first sentence should be an "attention grabber", but in my paper I cant really think of an attention grabber. So I just decided to use the above statement. I was also given a list of things to write about in this paper I weighed the pros and cons of all of them. I came up with the choice of the consequences of ignoring social mores. This topic interested me because I thought it meant ignoring labels. That's just the way I interpreted it as.

Now to start this off I thought I would list the characters and give the labels I thought of for them and pulled from reading. First John Oakhurst, I gave him the label of the quiet coolheaded gambler who knows how to handle himself in almost any condition.

Next lets take a look at The Duchess. I gave her the label as the most expensive harlot that is worth it.

Now Mother Shipton who I thought made a change for the better in the story. She gave her weeks rations to a child who could have so much better than she did. I would say she is like the old wench that no one likes.

Next the young and innocent Piney Woods. I would say that she is like the really pretty girl that everyone likes. Next Tom Simson his nickname is "the innocent". I think that this is cause he is fairly nieve. So his label is really quite obvious he is the quiet innocent guy. Last but not least Uncle Billy. He was given a label in the book he was the town drunk but I might add something like jerk. He took off with the horses so that they had no way of transportation.

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