Out of the cradle endlessly rocking By: Walt Whitman

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The phrase Out of the cradle endlessly rocking gives the notion that once you leave child hood, or the cradle, you are continuously moving, in a flux, in a sense endlessly rocking. This is a very good title to this poem because it gets to the point of the poem, that once life starts, it is constant, and will not stop no matter what you do, or what happens. The speaker in this poem is a boy (who I believe is the author as a child). The speaker shows the idea of innocence, the cradle. As the poem progresses finds a family of birds nesting in a tree by his house, one day one day he notices that the mother bird did not come home, and as the father bird chirps for the mother bird, the boy begins to translate what the bird is saying, in a sense discovering maturity, poetry, and enlightenment.

This event in the boys life changes him from innocence, to maturity and a more enlightened state of the world, how things don't stop just because something bad happens, how life is endlessly rocking. The boy has two conversations going on in this poem; one is talking about the summer he saw the bird family, in a sense, reminiscing about summers past. The other conversation is when the boy acted as a "translator" for the male bird, as he was calling for his mate. It this case, the audience was both the boy and the family of birds he was near. The setting of this poem is very interesting, it is very vague, and the author only drops bits of description here and there in the poem. Yet the setting is very vivid and it feels as though you can picture it. The setting...

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