Oppinion on Lab Animal Testing

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I am such a sucker when it comes to animals. I'm the kind of person who cries when an animal in a movie dies or gets hurt; a person tries to squash a bug, and feels guilty eating meat.

Last year as a freshman I took a class called Veterinarian Science offered by Mr. Howell and we learned all about how animals are kept in high productivity farms and how the animals are killed at the butcher shop. We watched several videos on different lab tests they do on animals in research for humans. The videos were awful and graphic they would show mice slowly dying from injections and baboons trying to survive drastic heart transplants.

When I think about the experiments preformed on these animals it takes me back to the holocaust and the horrible stories about the different experiments performed on pregnant women. People are shocked and think of it as unheard, but I think doing the same thing to animals today is just as barbaric.

A lot of the research on animals never amounts to anything, such as; for years they have been trying to successfully do a cross-species organ transplants and they are still unsuccessful.

Animal testing is almost unneeded now because of the growing number of people that choose to donate there organs to research upon death.

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