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What's so great about your opinion? Who's going to listen to you? Are you really that important to people of higher placements in society? In my Opinion individuals aren't important.

Today we are told that our opinions are very important to be heard. But what makes people think the government is actually going to listen. Everything in the united states is based on a majority ruled scale. When voting for a president each individual over the age of 18 votes and the candidate with the most votes in that state wins the electoral college for that specific state. If a person disagreed with a law and stand their opinion about it and no one else agreed then the opinion would be ruled out. No one is going to listen to just one person. Individuals opinions aren't heard unless they have people with them to take a stand, it cant just be one person otherwise it wont get the point through.

If one poor person walks by you, are you going to pay attention? When a hundred poor people walk by, that's when you really notice. Its been said that one person can really make a difference. Although through out the years its taken more then one person to get points across to the world. Nothing is as simple as an individual taking charge and changing it for good.

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