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"Open mic" Standing in front of a crowd of wondering minds. The lights are shinning and the announcer is on the mic. "Now presenting Ms. Raphaela Robinson reciting her poem "˜me'". I appear on stage nervous and shaking but ready. Today is the day that I overcame my fear of rejection and began to reach my dream of someday owning an "open mic" club.

As I walked on stage with my tensions high and my mind full of ambitions, I wonder if I will be accepted from a crowd of unknowns. I was worried but progressively growing happier with each passing moment. I looked up to a room full of wondering eyes as I begin to speak, " To sides I see well lit, like a bright day". Slowly and quietly words came from my mouth, "but the other, a more intriguing side, darkness, darker than blindness". As time began to pass, I grew a little more confident with each passing second.

I became prouder and braver, not letting my uneasiness get in my way. I finally accepted this happiness to be right fully mine.

As the crowd filled with a smile, while my poem began to end. I rose up to my expectation of being acknowledged. I let my words flow smoothly and let my hair down. I started to discover the "real me"; the one I was truly meant to be: a poet. I felt comfortable, like I belonged. I finished with a slight smile gazing slowly but surely across the crowd as I saw mixed emotions. I was happy that for the first time in my life, rejection became as small as a petal in a flowerbed. I felt safe in knowing that I knew myself and who I truly wanted to become.

Slowly I step off stage as I turn back to see the crowd settle for the next performer. With each step I fill more joy and satisfaction. I came to the realization that this accomplishment was well sought after and my hopes and dreams became a reality instead of a destination. I came face to face with my major life stepping-stones. Steadily my stepping-stones start to disintegrate with each passing second, and my yearn for more attainment has taken over. On this night, my life's perspective was taken out a rear mirror and brought up close and personal with me intensions of being a successful achiever.

These last few minutes were like seconds out of a movie of my ideal life. I shared my passion with others, not knowing if I had touched any specific life. I knew that my passion "poetry" is what I always loved and that it would bring me the best highs and the most disappointing lows. I dedicated myself to this love of mine, hoping that someday I would affect someone's heart deeply. On this night, I realized all my dedication to poetry finally had a reason, and that it was well worth the wait. Although this night came to an end, my feelings for this once in a lifetime chance will never end. On this day, I looked at my love for poetry and my reason of never quitting and I found me.

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