Once upon a time there was an old woman named

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Once upon a time there was an old woman named Ms.Goldy. evrey one loved her childeren use to stop by and give her things. People called her Ms.Goldy cause her hair was like brwonish gold color and her skin was carmel. She was a little short lady and also loving and kind. She was very healthy and she didn't need help doing anything. All of her grandkids stayed with her it's 16 of them. Their names are Bobby, Jimmy , Tony, Kimberly, April, Mary, Josh ,Deanna ,Tish ,Jamie ,China ,Germy ,Paris ,Henry ,Sare and last Brandon. Now on the other hand her grandkids were the worst kids on the block most of them. But not all Tony was the oldest of the boys and sare was the oldest of the girls. The ages were between 17 and 2. Ms. Goldy pull her self together with all thoses grandkids.

Brandon stayed in some mess. He was always getting put out of school. He had been to 20 schools in 5monts. As for Josh and Jimmy they were like two peas in a pod. Now they like to fight a lot. Ms. Goldy said they got thatv from their daddy which is her son but he in jail for 75 years for killing some one Ms. Goldy said as for the girls Mary were always skipping school. To go with her friends for China she was just MS. KNOW IT ALL. Ms. Goldy

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