Old Southern Politics

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V.G. Key published Southern Politics in State and Nation; it was the study of the "old" southern politics. He focused on the years between 1920-1949 and analyzed the South's political practices, this included the maintenance and development of the one party system, the dropping rates of white political participation, and of course the excluding of blacks from politics. Key said, those of the South and those who love the South are left with the cold, hard fact that the South as a whole has developed no system or practice of political organization and leadership adequate to cope with its problems" (1). It seems like he's saying that the South has no right to enter politics.

In the South, everyone was a Democrat and this was their one party system that they all believed in. Because of all of the violence due to racial tension in the South, Key believed if everybody concentrated on the governmental beliefs, it would take away all of the racial practices wouldn't be looked upon as much and control the level of racial tension.

Key thought that a lot the South's problems with politics had to a lot with race relations. He brings up a lot about the Black -belt, which means where Negroes dominate the area, and he can tell which white people are for politics and which is for white supremacy. He says that depending what the Negroes thought in politics, the white people would do the opposite or wouldn't do anything at all, hence the major depression of white people in politics. Key thinks that by observing the past, the whites in the Black-belt were superior in political history, even though they were out numbered by the Negroes. In key's perspective, "fundamental explanation of southern politics is that the Black-belt whites succeeded in...

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