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This was only a creative writing piece for homework. Please comment so that i know how i can improve my writing. Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)

Oedipus' Diary

That "shameless and brainless, sightless and senseless sot!" To think that he was a wise prophet? He has nothing but " fraudulent magic tricks", with eyes wide open for profit, but blind in prophecy! "Must Creon, so long my friend, my most trusted friend, stalk me by stealth, and study to dispossess me, setting this schemer on me!" Where were they when the evil dog-faced witch terrorized the country and killed our people? It was I, Oedipus that solved the sphinx's riddle and saved Thebes. It was Oedipus not this self-proclaiming wise man that saved them. If Teiresias were not as old as he appeared, I would have severely punished him for his wickedness. I have saved this land from ruin and yet this old man mocks me and puts absurd and outrageous accusations against me! "Rich now, then a begger; father at once to the children he cherishes; son, and husband, to the women who bore him; father- killer, father supplanter..."

What does he mean by this? I was told a long time ago that I would kill my own father and marry my mother and this is why I have traveled so far to be away from them, to keep them safe. Creon and Teiresias must have stumbled on this prophecy and decided to use it to overthrow me. I would not let this happen! What a foolish plot! To think that I have no eyes to see it unfolding beneath me! I will either banish him or execute him!

Later on in the palace:

Jocasta's words have left some doubt in me.

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