"The Odyssey"

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Once John Smith said that Odysseus is a true heroic character. I agree with this statement because he does some pretty amazing things during the odyssey. There are some qualities that all heroes must have to be considered a hero. Also that must show these characteristics in times where peoples lives are at stake. In the epic the odyssey by homer Odysseus demonstrates the necessary qualities to be considered a hero. These qualities are bravery and leadership.

Odysseus shows thought the epic that he is brave. In the land of the Cyclops he doesn't panic and run he just talks to the one eyed giant. This was brave because at any time the Cyclops could have eaten him and all his men at once. Moreover Odysseus tells the Cyclops "name is nobody" and this was smart because now when the Cyclops's friends come all he or she hears is nobody's blinded me.

As even more evidence of his bravery he over powers over one-hounded suitors so they don't injure or try and marry his wife Penelope. Odysseus locks him in his house with all the suitors so they couldn't excape from his terror. Without a doubt these examples show that Odysseus is a brave character. Odysseus's bravery in the land of the Cyclops and at his home proves he is a heroic character.

Without a doubt Odysseus shows great leadership characteristics in the Odyssey. In the land of the sirens his ties him self to a rafter of his boat, and puts beeswax in their ears so they can't hear the sweet sound of the sirens. If the men heard the sound they would never wanna come back home. Furthermore he also shows leadership at calypso's island when he went out after his men when they were captured. Calypso...

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