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In Homer's "The Odyssey" Odysseus gets punished many times for offending the gods. With each offense the gods unleash an attack upon him or his men that sets his voyage back, further delaying him from his final destination, home. Some may criticize Odysseus for being so foolish to offend the gods, but Odysseus is not at fault for the blasphemy that the gods suffer. Either it is not Odysseus' fault or he is just trying to save himself, but Odysseus is not the one to blame.

While at his many stops, Odysseus gets punished terribly by the gods. Though towards the end of his journey most of the gods have grown to love him, such as Athena, or simply pity him, such as Zeus. This is because Odysseus is such a good guy, and suffers so many hardships. One might ask why Odysseus would offend the gods if he is more or less perfect.

Well the answer is it is not Odysseus' fault that the gods have been offended, but it is really the fault of his crew. A prime example of this is when Odysseus and his men loot the village which angers the gods. They were just going to stay the night there, however then men wanted to loot the village. Odysseus pleads with his men not to do this but they are stubborn and do not follow his orders even though he is there leader. They choose to loot and destroy the village and Odysseus can not stop them. They successfully destroy the village which angers the gods, and sets them back on their journey because many of the men are killed. This is not Odysseus' fault, and in fact he even tried to stop them. Another example of the crews fault is when Odysseus gets a...

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