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There are a few things that I like about the Odyssey book eleven. I find it interesting how Odysseus relates the details of his journey to hell. I imagine spending years on the rough ocean and be described and compared to hell. The tiny ships that they sailed on were a great example of how their culture lacked to build sufficient ships to handle the waves of the powerful ocean. It wasn't stated in the text how many ships sailed to Troy and how many actually returned. One could only speculate that the Greeks lost many to the rough sea waters. Another thing or person that I find interesting is the great Greek warrior Achilles. He was a legend in his on time. I would like to learn more about the great warrior and his battles to show evidence of how a legend that he was. History states now that Achilles was a major influence I the fall of the city of Troy.

One thing that makes this Odyssey hard to believe is that Odysseus talks to his dead mother. One can only speculate that she revealed important information about his journey to come. In addition Odysseus saw spirits of many famous women including Phaedra, Arradne, and Leda. He also listened to the stories of them as well. I had a difficult time in making out the brief description of these stories. In the Book twenty on, "The Contest of the Bow," I thought that how Penelope chose her bride through the making of the bow was intriguing. Many women today would argue that this example of choosing a husband by no means is a great way to find true love. This may seem childish or even brainless, but it is also brilliant. If one would take the difficulty in...

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