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BACKGROUND PAPER ON NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE CLINIC "Home Of The Fighting Broccoli" 1. If you needed dietary counseling and contacted the Nutritional Medicine Clinic, the greeting you would receive from our energetic staff would probably sound like this: "Welcome to the home of the Fighting Broccoli!" The Nutritional Medicine Staff not only feeds the patients at Sacile Hospital, but also provides nutritional counseling to all active duty members and their eligible dependents.

2. The clinic provides two main services to the Aviano community. The first is Inpatient Feeding, which deals with meals and conducting ward rounds; while the second, Outpatient Education, deals with nutrition counseling. The bulk of the Diet Therapist's responsibility is Inpatient Feeding; therefore, it takes higher priority.

3. From the moment a Diet Therapist arrives at work, till the moment he or she leaves, the main concern is coordinating diet changes with the Inpatient Unit and ensuring all patients receive their prescribed Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner meals.

The Diet Tech will usually conduct ward rounds to see if newly admitted patients need to be screened or assessed after delivering the meals to the Ward. According to standards of the Joint Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JAHCO), screenings are conducted on all patients within 24 hours of admission. If the patient is screened and requires an assessment, this is completed within 72 hours of admission. (1) Nutrition screenings and assessments are used to identify patients at high nutritional risk. Discharged patients still considered "high nutritional risk" are usually referred for Outpatient Education.

Outpatient Education, some time referred to as the Outpatient Clinic deals with individual nutrition counseling, and group nutrition counseling. Individual nutrition counseling classes would be on subjects like weight management, Cholesterol, and Diabetic Nutrition. Group nutrition counseling classes are our Prenatal class.

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