Nuclear Power

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Energy will always be an absolute necessity for every twentieth century American. Everyday, people going to work use a vehicle for transportation, and every room needs a light bulb in order for people to function at night. All this energy used by people must come from some energy source, and many people thought that using oil as the main energy source would solve everything. The problems that occurred by using oil was the uncleanliness of burning it, and the limit of its supply. Logically, using other means of energy would create a way in solving the constant problem produced from oil generated power. Alternate energy sources such as solar power, wind power, and waterpower are some of the more popular energy choices that create very little pollution. Nevertheless, other sources of energy are still not as effective of a source of energy as oil when it comes to cost. The overlooked resource for energy is that of nuclear power.

Although it has the possibility and potential to cause destruction and death, nuclear power is beneficial by creating greater cost efficiency, environmental cleanliness, and an energy source that bears safe to maintain.

Nuclear power is a more cost efficient source than oil power. However, the effects of using nuclear power do have the possibility of causing mass destruction. Nuclear fusion must be heated to a temperature of 180,000,000 amount of degrees fahrenheit in order to perform properly (Brown 88). The main problem steps in when fusion occurs it creates combustion that in some instances, when a container is not strong enough to hold it, will cause a nuclear explosion that would immediately destroy with the power of 10 million tons (Blair 86). In such an instance, the area affected will suffer damages of 17 billion dollars (Pringle 33). The chances of...

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