Non-violence with Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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History has shown people that many people have struggled to get where they are today and most might have fought and committed violent acts to get what they wanted, but there are some that used the non-violent way to achieve their goals. Non-violence isn't something that today we here much about, but back in Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.'s time non-violence was the key. There were both positive and negative attributes that they used in their teachings and some of the negative attributes lead them to miss their mark in some way. However all of their struggles and movements did not go down in history without being remembered they are now legacies that cannot be forgotten.

When looking back at all the non-violence movements that has taken place throughout history one would have to start wondering if the ideas and principles of non-violence still remain today. In my personal opinion I don not believe that non-violence still remains alive today.

Keep in mind that this is coming from an American view only. The reasons behind my opinion are the way people protest today. They may start out as having a peaceful protest, but something usually always goes wrong and violence begins to break out between the crowds themselves or with the police that are trying to break up the protests. We can also see that non-violence ideas are dead because of American's situation with Iraq right now. If the ideas of non-violence still existed the U.S. would not have troops stationed there still fighting an on going conflict. The more non-violent approach would have been sitting down and coming to a peaceful agreement without any fighting taking place. People today are mainly stuck on getting things that they want right when they want it and do not want to...

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