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Professor Faulk February 27, 2001 Noises Off is a play where the offstage antics are far more interesting then the one's onstage . That is why I feel I liked the movie more so then the book. Noises Off is all about word play, slamming doors and impeccable timing. The play opens with the sarcastic director Lloyd sitting in the audience, with his stomach slowly turning, over the fact that the show opens tomorrow, and it is far from ready.

Dotty can't remember her stage directions. Garry is a actor who knows his lines well, but can't express himself in real life. His co-star, the air-headed Brooke is the worst actress alive and spends all her non-acting moments stretching or doing breathing exercises, and occasionally looking for her lost contact lens, which pops out often. Freddie doesn't understand most of the play and gets a nosebleed at the first sign of violence; Belinda is more interested in sharing gossip about the cast rather than performing; and Selsdon is a old drunk who turns up missing as often as Brooke's contact lens.

At the beginning of Act 3 it's now 3 months later, when the show's a complete wreck. Dotty has completely given up speaking directly to the audience, and changing all her lines. Garry is trying to improvise his lines to explain the various unscripted occurrences, but Brooke refuses to say anything other than what's in the script, even when it no longer makes sense. Others are trying desperately to keep things on track. Poppy is pregnant.

I really didn't find much of a difference between watching the movie and reading the play. The only difference I saw was in the play, poppy was in a wedding dress and her and llyod were walking down the aisle in the...

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