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1-What demographic and social and cultural trends in the U.S. and globally, should manufactures of athletic footwear recognize as they design their future marketing strategies?

2-Is it wise for a sneakers company to center its marketing strategy on a brand image built around endorsements by well - known athletes?

3-Which product-market strategy or strategies would you suggest that Nike pursue in order to maintain its leadership of the sneakers market?

4-What product - mix strategy should Reebok implement to challenge Nike?

1- Sneakers companies should understand consumer motivation for purchasing sneakers. They care about categories of ages, specific groups with different variables like gender, education, social class, generation, income.

When they design their future marketing approach, they must take into consideration the demographic growth.

Globally they insist on the young people including children and teens who constitute the largest part of the population especially in the emerging market like China, Indonesia...

In the US where aged people (in general they have the highest income) are interested in outdoor sports, Sneakers Company tries to satisfy their high quality needs.

Socially: in the US and Europe, the purchasing power is the highest, in the emerging market where the largest population and lowest income exist, the market is big so the profit is based on volume.

Cultural: People who are becoming sport oriented, even none athletics, wear sneakers as a fashion. From a long time ago, American people practice outdoor sport which was expanded also over the world. Later on, they turn their interest to fitness and aerobics to take care of their health. Outdoor sport and aerobics became important for health worldwide.

Globalization is an important factor for Sneakers Company to grow and increase their market share.

2- For many sports wear company, the use of celebrities as a marketing strategy...

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