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"Night" by Elie Wiesel

The novel "Night" was written in 1955; it was originally named "And the World Remained Silent", a 900-page volume. The book was initially written in Yiddish and published in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After two years, it appeared again in a compressed, 127-page French version called La Nuit (Night). The book is generally about Elie's own journey from an innocent, twelve-year-old, Jewish boy through the holocaust.

I found this book quite informative and enlightening. It gives a first person perspective of life in a concentration camp with vivid details that could give anyone nightmares. I would recommend this book for a more adult audience, as it might be to frightening for younger children. It is perfect for any person interested in history, philosophy, or psychology.

Wiesel wrote this book to inform the public of the cruel events that took place. He makes the public aware of the massacre that was allowed to occur.

So many people were killed and as the original title said the world remained silent. It is important that this information get out to keep history from repeating itself. The holocaust was not that long ago, and a genocide of that enormity could happen again unless people are made aware of the possibilities. It is my perspective that this book does just that; it lets people know that this could happen anywhere.

Another important theme in the novel concerns the inadvertent role that the Jews played in their own destruction. Though the innocence of the Jewish townspeople is painfully foolish, Elie does not fault his family and neighbors for being so reluctant to leave Sighet. Although his story is filled with regret and guilt, he is careful to point out that the hopefulness of the Jewish townspeople is merely a survival strategy, "These optimistic...

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