A New E-Australia as a potential foreign investment from a Chinese investor point of view

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Globalization has been one of the most popular words and a new idea which influents for every country and individual person in recent years. Foreign investment exists in most countries now. As the biggest country in the South Pacific, Australia has attracted a lot of foreign investors from different areas in the world. This essay will introduce Australia briefly, the relationship with Asian countries; and then, the first issues will investigate Australia's economic environment through several aspects for high-technological industries invest climate in the second part of the essay. Then, there are some suggestions about investment in Australia will be given for Chinese potential investors. Ultimately, the aim of this paper is to draw a profile of Australian market for Chinese investors.


Australia has a unique geographic advantage and cultural sectors to be the perfect gateway to Asian business, and as a bridge between the US and Europe.

Actually, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan have built the frameworks with Australia since the mid-1970s. But with the Open Policy in China from 1979, Chinese investors started to access this widely rich area. Nowadays, China is currently ranked as Australia's 3rd largest trading partner, total Chinese investment in Australia as at June 2002 was $2.929 billion (Trade and Investment, 2002). Major Chinese investments have been made in manufacturing, mining, agriculture sectors and mineral processing (Australia-China Bilateral Relationship, 2002). From 1990s, an infant industry---High-technological industry has been another foreign invest spotlight in Australia. "Australia's security calculations related to China also remained significant." (Albinski, 2000, p552). This is absolutely a best opportunity for promotional smart Chinese investors. However, "A successful investment in Australia" must depend on scientific analysis of Australian economic environmental advantages.


Nowadays, business environment has changed is includes not only new technology and products, but...

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