Natives Vs. Europeans

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History Essay         No, the Native Americans were not more advanced then their European civilizers.

The Natives were a simple people set in their way of life, the Europeans were not out to explore they set out to settle and change. The Europeans did not try to learn about the culture of the natives they tried to force their culture and beliefs on the natives. As far as advancements are concerned the Europeans were far more advanced then the Natives.

The Natives were to gull able they had never seen anything like the Europeans and they were in awe of them. Of their god like stature. Even their weapons the Europeans had guns and knives made of metal, the Natives had bows and arrows sharpened sticks and rocks which were fine to hunt with but no match for the Europeans.

        If the Natives had better weapons and did not allow the Europeans to come and take over their land maybe history would be very different, but given the fact that natives did not fight for the reasons that the Europeans did they lost more then their land they lost their way of life.

The Natives allowed them selves to be taken over by the new force of immigrants which now is the most dominant race in North America the Caucasians.

How could the natives be more advanced then the Europeans? When the Natives had no one to compete with the natives had other clans but no where near the competition that the Europeans had. Once one country had something every other European country had to obtain it or better it. That is why they came to the "New World" which had already been discovered many years earlier. Because they could not let another European country take over the new world by itself.

        The natives technology had been basically summed up with fire, where as the Europeans had...

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