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As the digital universe comes to the new era so does the fear of illegal activities. The digital universe brought us a new format of compressed music, to listen from our computers, called mp3s. The use of mp3s can be unlawful in only a way if you make the mp3s to a wav and than copy to a blank-cd or certain sites have said that having mp3 files more than 24 hours its illegal, if you have it less than 24 hours its not. The Recording Industry Association of America has taken several lawsuits against companies and colleges such as napster, University of South California, Yale University, scour exchange, and soon many more which all these companies have done nothing wrong. Are having mp3s really that illegal? If so, why are we attacking the companies and colleges rather than individual users?         Napster is a creative company that has brought millions of people to listen to different genres of music.

Also it combines chat features, and a music player, and lets users share their mp3 libraries with each other. Its software intended to find mp3 files easier on the Internet. None of the mp3s files are actually on Napsters' computers. Napster provides access to music files on others' computers by sharing them.

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