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I am just Now Realizing who I am. Its Strange really. I mean, Two People. Two Girls are helping Me Discover Who I am. One Day Me and One Of The Girls Spent a While Together Just Walking around Amelia, Talking, Laughing. Getting To Know Each other. I liked Her From The Very Start. On My Way Back Home We Stopped near Some Building and Sat Down. It Was Then Who She Told Me I Needed. I guess She Kind Of Got the Hint That I Liked Her and She Told Me That I Deserved a Good Girl. I Guess She Meant That I didn’t Need Her. Which I Thought Total Opposite of That. But Then She Pointed out all of These Little Features About Me Of Which I Never Thought I had. She Said I was Sweet, Smart and things like that. And So that Is why she said that I Deserved a Sweet, Smart Kind Girl...

See where I am Going With This? And The Really Strange Thing Is That I Just Barely Met Her That Exact Day And Already She Fitted a Piece Of Who I am.

        The Next Girl That Helped Me A lot is Full Of Energy and Confidence. Highly Disliking When She Is Wrong, Which Is Rare. She Is Extremely Smart and Has a Highly Matured Vocabulary Of Which I Envy. One Day I Decided To Call Her and Talk with Her about whatever was On My Mind. Her, also, I Liked From The Start. Mid way Through Or Conversation She too Also Got the Hint That I Liked Her. But She Was More Open About It. She Told Me That I Shouldn’t Fall For Her and I That I Deserved a Good Girl, a Nice Girl. Not an Evil Girl As To Which She Claimed To Be, But I Think Otherwise. She Also Has Fitted a Piece Of The Mind Boggling Puzzle That Is Me.

So I Sit Here and Type This as a Question? What Do I Need? What Type Of Girl Should I Be With? Or Should I even Be Looking For a Girl To Be With and Share Such Feeling as Love, Passion, Wonder, Tranquility and So Much More That I Cherish? I don’t Know. For now I want To Let Thing happen On Their Own. That is Usually How I Become Involved with a Girl. I Can Honestly Say That I have Never Asked Verbally to a Girl, “Will You Go Out With Me?” Its Just something That I never Want To ask. I would Much Rather Start Things Off with a Simple Kiss...

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