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During my life as a student at NCSU and at high school, I have had the pleasure of taking three abbreviated and one full length version of the Myers-Briggs personality inventroy. Throughout theses tests I have found that my Pesonality type, ISTJ, has changed very little. However, each time I take the test, I find that I learn a little bit more about myself, and the way my personality is changing throughout my life.

        For the most part, I have found that the inventory correctly represents my personality.

Since the first time I have taken the test, I have been an extreme introvert. For example, I despised the thought of taking Public Speaking, so I opted for Intrapersonal Communication.

The idea of having to stand in front of a class of my peers and make a speach appalled me. I understand what it is to be an introvert, and how I gain my energy.

The funny thing is, most people would never guess that I was an extreme introvert. I am talkative, and enjoy the company of others. However, when I first recieved my results for the test, I began to understand why I always felt so taxed after interacting with groups of people. Armed with this new information, amny things that i had just dismissed about myself , began to make sense.

        I also agree with the results of my sensing personality trait. I tend to think of myself as "grounded in reality". I focus on the present, and see what is real instead of what might happen. I am however, not an extreme sensor, I have a little bit of intuition in me. For example, I see the reality of a sitution, instead of what might or could happen. It is for this reason why I think I...

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