My Two Page Mystery Title: Apartment Two-Twenty-One Credits: Ryan Melo

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The smell is of rotten bodies. Apartment Two-Twenty-One has been silent for the past 2 days. And in the hallway surrounding Apartment Two-Twenty-One it has an awful stench. The name is Pettyworth, and I am a detective for the NYPD. The date is January 4, 1921 and it is a cold, brittle winter. In my apartment complex, things were rather quiet. And Apartment Two-Twenty-One has had no complaints about the smell. I think it's just that the people are scared. I want to investigate, but it will take too long to get a warrant. It was 12 A.M, January 5th and I had just got into my apartment. My apartment is right above 221, and the smell was unbearable. So I've decide to take a look at what it was. I walk out onto my patio, and drop down to the one below. I am now on Apartment 221's patio.

And just as I thought the smell couldn't get worse, it did. I open the screen door and step into the apartment. And what I saw was completely an act of Satan. A woman was dead hanging upside down from a crucifix. Let alone, the crucifix itself was hanging upside down. The crucifix's position was truly an icon of Satan. The woman was completely nude and her body was split wide open from head to toe. Suddenly in the distance I see a man. I go to draw my weapon from my holster, only to find it wasn't there. I must have taken it off in my apartment. The man drew nearer, and my heart sank with fear. He was carrying a crowbar, and he moved to strike me. As we fought, I tired and was beaten. I was clubbed over the head several times and was out cold. When...

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