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As new technology is taking over the world. People have to stop and think... are we, the human race that fought for independence in 1776, going to let technology catch up to us, and even take over us. If you think theorectically, the age of computers has alreaady dawned, talking mail, talking computers, soon we will create computer families, and that is the beyond the realm of some peoples beleif, but, looking at the technology stats, its not far behind from having robots take over our jobs. Yes some would think it nice to never have to cook clean or work again, but what about all the money wasted. robobts dont need to be paid, all they might need are a fresh pair of batteries, now and then. Us humans have feelings, emotions, and a lifew, that robots can never come close to replaceing. But robots can replace jobs, normal families, baby sitters, pets, maids, and even govermentments.

Humans werent born, to be taken over by robots. We were born to help each other in times of needs, make the world we live in suitable for our future generations, but with the build up in technology, whart future generation do we, as humans have, soon well be seeing what college our Bot friend will get into instead of oure on children. tha is my theroy that technology is already advanced, we have made it that way, and it doesnt need to advance more, humans are the ones that need to advance.

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