My Role-Model         Lots of people have role-models, or get inspirations

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My Role-Model         Lots of people have role-models, or get inspirations in their lives from people, while other people really don’t give a care. Anyways, I’m here to talk about mines not other people’s. Well, this may not sound like an original idea, but my role-model is George Washington the first president, the one who started it all.

        George Washington was a great leader, a great one indeed. He led many armies into battle, and led many out of battle too. He must of been a good soldier too, because he managed to come out of every single battle he was in, and returned home to his home land, The Good Old U.S.

        He also won many victories in war including the revolution, which later on helped him to gain his popularity upon the nation and it’s peoples‘. Around the late 1700’s he was appointed president and did many great things, which I will get into a little more during the duration of the next few paragraphs of this composition.

        Well, one of the great things that George Washington did when he was appointed the first president was to set a couple precedents, which included serving 2 full terms, which later presidents after George Washington would follow (sorry uncompleted but you can work from here)

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