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My Pledge to America Being a good citizen means you have to care. Though at times it might seem hard, but it will be forever more your home. Taking good care of this wonderful nation would set am example for other people. Most people might think living in America might be hard at times, but if you think about it living in this great country is the only way to speak your mind and be free. As the years go by something could happen to this country and if it wasn’t for people who care, America would just be some other third-world country.

I promise to help keep this country to always be free. Being and educated citizen would be very helpful to keep America the way it is and to love it. Treating her with respect and America would help you out to. America also needs people who are devoted and that they are willing to try.

Pledging is saying what you are going to do, but it means a lot more if you really try and help out. Being a good citizen means everything, you might think your not helping out, but picking up one piece of trash is a good start. This country is in need of people who wont give up, who will always help, never turn your back on this country when it needs you’re the most, and the most important thing of all is to always have trust.

America is probably the safest place to live because of people who are.

This country is the best thing that has happened to everyone and we need to keep it safe and free for all of humanity. America is a nation that was found be our fore fathers and was guided by God. People has died for this amazing country and it makes people proud to know that we live in a promising country. The words that I’m writing cannot express my thought and how much I love this nation. What ever happens to America I will always be write there and will never leave its side. God bless the U.S.

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