My Own Private Hideaway

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Everyone has their morning routine, but do we ever really take the time to notice the little things? Everybody has someplace that is special to them in his or her own way. After stressful days at school and work, I like to lose myself in my own private hideaway. My bedroom is the last thing I see before I fall asleep every night and the first thing I catch sight of when I awaken. There is something special about the seclusion of my bedroom. What is identity? What does it mean to be an individual? Individuality is what determines who you are and how you interact. Being able to define yourself can sometimes be problematical, but of all places, this is the one setting that is completely your own. It exudes independence, personality, and style of the occupant. It's where I spend most of my time when I'm at home.

        A distorted top forty hit blared through my faithful alarm's tiny speaker. I pounded the snooze bar with the precision of an elephant stepping on a mouse. Warm rays of the blinding sun peeked through my crooked, stiff blinds suggesting the start of a new day. I wiped away the grit of a good nights sleep from my eyes, and saw the dim numbers of the clock taunting me. I stretched my heavy arms and legs, nearly reaching the four posts of my queen size bed. As I wearily crawled out of my warm comforter, my cold feet searched for the familiar black fuzzy rug resting atop my bedroom floor. I lethargically rose out of bed, the carpet fibers lightly tickling the pads of my feet. Looking at my bed, I see the sheets and blankets in dire need of straightening. My bed isn't limited to being slept upon, some...

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