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Ran shaffirMy original short story Yes, it all started at 1841 July the 16th ,The hour were 16:56 p.m.

I remember that day, it was a cold afternoon and I was freezing grrrrr.. , nobody knew who did it. It was a mystery.

That day I was walking down the street, suddenly I heard a scream, immediately I ran towards the house.

I saw a lady trapped in a house which was burning.

I tried to think how to get her out of there.

And then an idea has popped my mind and I shouted "Run to the roof", she was so scared in the situation, I think she would have listened to anyone.

Anyway while she was climbing to the roof I asked for help in a helicopter to rescue her.

The Helicopter rescued her and I met her in the police department after an hour.

She thanked me, And I as a detective liked her story.

So I started asking questions and investigate her.

"What's your name"? I asked.

"Veronica" , she replied quickly.

"How come you were in the house that hour" ? I asked.

"I come from work at 16:00 p.m. sir, then I don't have any strength to do anything despite watching TV". she replied.

"Are you married or divorced"? "No I'm single and live on my own" .she responded "Was anybody else in the building when the fire broke"? "Unfortunately yes' my friend Ally Roberts was in the building".

"What had happened to her"? I didn't want to ask but I had to.

"I think that she died in the building while it was burning". She began crying.

Don't worry I'll catch those killers who burned down the house and make them regret What they've done.

From that moment I ran like crazy to catch the killers. I went...

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