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My Inspiration The teacher that has inspired me the most was my sixth, seventh, and eighth grade language arts teacher, Ms. Lisa Garrison. Ms. Garrison has a kind, happy, and bubbly type of personality. She treated everyone with kindness and respect, she was a peacekeeper, and she was an environmentalist. Ms. Garrison was always open to new ideas, she was never afraid to speak her mind, and she always lent a listening ear when you needed to talk to her. One reason why Ms. Garrison has inspired me so much is because she can relate to anyone who has had a problem and she gives very good advice. Another reason why Ms. Garrison has inspired me so much is because she believed in her students and gave them support. Ms. "G" (she wanted her students to call her that) stood behind any idea that her students had, (even if they were dumb ideas) and she supported anything that her students were trying to do.

One thing that I have always admired about Ms. Garrison is that she did whatever she could to keep North Dade Middle School clean. Ms. "G" had a few of her students go to every class on their assigned wing and collect garbage and recycled items, after that she would have them take the trash to the school's garbage can and she would put the recycled items in the big recycling bin to be picked up and taken away. She has inspired me to help keep the environment clean and to try to keep my school clean. Ms. Garrison has succeeded at everything she attempted to do and she has always told her students to strive to do the same, this is the main reason why she is my inspiration.

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