My First Time

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It was the best and it was even more exciting because my dad was in the next room. He had told my boyfriend that he would kill any boy that ever touched me! Still, Joey and I were ready. I don't know how my dad could be so blind. It was summer and we were watching TV in my room. We had just been out in the pool and were still in our swimwear. We were feeling each other out as usual but I was ready for more. My little pussy was crying out for it and Joey was so sexy and cute lying next to me in only his shorts. What made it even nicer is that he is also so sweet, not a jerk like teenage boys can be. I removed my top but then put on a loose tee shirt just in case someone walked in on us.

Joey loved to massage my breasts. I was rubbing his smooth hard chest with one hand while stroking his thigh with the other. We were also kissing. I knew where I wanted this to go so told Joey to wait a minute and I went into the next room. Dad had just started to watch a movie, and he's the type not to get up until it's over. Good sign. Then I went back to my room with Joey on my bed, but I got something first from my dresser drawer and hid it from Joey. Then I shocked him by removing my tee shirt and getting into bed with him. Shhh, I told him and began to remove his shorts. Joey's penis sprang to life right before my eyes. I pulled his shorts right off and my little 15 year old boyfriend was naked right on my bed...

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