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1.         Dramaturgical Analysis is the study of social interaction that compares everyday life to a theatrcal presentation. An example is movies such as, love, suspense, and action. I believe in this theory for one reason, everyone has been in love so when you see a love movie you can relate to it.

2.         The five examples of Nonverbal Communication are, gestures- when you motion to a person with your body instead of talking. Facial expressions- when someone can tell if your mad, sad, or happy just by looking at you. Body Positions- people can tell if your uncomfortable when you move your body. Head Movments- when you move your head for example you like a certain type of music you move your head to the beat.Appearances- by the way you look people can tell if your ready to work or play. Deaf mutes talk everyday with there hands.

3.         US Bureaucracy is a formal organization characterized by hierarchical authority, division of labor, explicit procedure, and impersonality. It supplies a rational means of attaining organizational goals because it contributes to coordination and control.

4.         Violent and property crimes- people assult people everyday and cars are stolen about every other day. Prostitution-is more of women then man and it is also a crime. My opinion on the police is simlple, they are doing there job to the best of there abilities and I think they are really trying hard, but sometimes they go over board which means they have to take responsibilies for there action as well as people who are not in authority as the police are.

5.         All I know about Deviance is that it is a kind of behavior that consist with crime and sometimes it is inherited by family members. It can esculate as far as getting...

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