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Multiculturalism has been a very important issue of concern in the west in the past few years. Debates and arguments have been going on over whether it is a good idea to actually practice multiculturalism. Politicians have been supposing that minority groups will merge into majority groups and become part of them without any troubles. However this has not been happening. Minority groups, especially the women in them, have been having difficulty in diffusing in the majority groups. Susan Moller Okin in her article: "Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?" makes numerous claims and assumptions about whether multiculturalism is bad for women in cultures. I believe that we should leave the cultures alone without giving them special treatment nor discriminating against them but rather enlightening and educating them.

Multiculturalists see that every culture is important and deserves to be respected and receive special treatment. Miority cultures should not be degraded nor extinguished, then become part of a majority culture.

If a culture has a problem, this problem should be targeted and treated without destroying the culture itself. Andrew Hagen a citizen from a minority culture writes: "Think of culture as a field of crops. You've got the crops in the field, and you've got weeds. You have to get rid of the weeds. Do you kill everything growing in the field to get at the weeds--sterilization--or do you just try to get rid of the weeds, leaving the crops to grow? If there is racism or another problem in a culture, you target that problem. You don't get rid of the whole culture" (Hagen). I believe that this is very important as every culture is equal and each culture should be left alone. Equality between cultures should exist because each culture has people living in it and believing it and so...

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