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Jon Dumas 10/29/01 Journalism-Personality Profile Period 8 Mr. Carr One might think Franklin Academy teacher John Carr is crazy. As Driver Ed Instructor, Carr puts his life in the hands of many Franklin Academy students each year.

"It's not that bad, it gives me a break, " said Carr. Carr has been through many experiences during Driver Ed, good and bad. He cites his scariest moment in the Driver Ed vehicle as a trip down Park Street in which a young woman ended up driving along a snow bank in an attempt to avoid an oil truck. The young woman did avoid the oil truck, everybody was okay, and Carr's heart was most definitely beating fast. The job also entails many comical experiences, for example, a driving period awhile ago: "We were driving down South Williams Street, the one with all of the corners. Well, we didn't need those corners, as we drove straight through them, right over the lawns"¦.the

funny thing is that the young man always told everybody how great a driver he was." Carr's school day does not evolve around Driver Ed though, as Carr is a business teacher as well. Carr actually majored in Business in College. He started out his college years in Cobleskill, taking undergraduate Business courses for two years. Carr then transferred to Plattsburgh State University, for two more years of undergraduate studies and also meeting the love of his life, Mary. He eventually transferred to Potsdam State for his graduate work.

Carr has been teaching for twenty-one years. He taught one year at BOCES, one year at North Country Community College, and nineteen years so far at Franklin Academy. Of everything that comes with teaching, he feels that his favorite part is the interaction with the community, meeting new students and their parents each year. "The most difficult part of teaching is dealing with the constant flux of curriculum and new state regulations"¦.but, the good part of teaching is that there is no boring, day-after-day routine." Carr is also a sports enthusiast and an outdoors man. Not competing in athletics in high school, he was still very much involved in his school's teams, as a manager. He enjoys watching high school sports through professional sports, playing golf, hunting, fishing, and four-wheeling with Mr. Melville.

Aside from all of these other activities, Carr still finds time to be the advisor of the Yearbook. "It's my favorite class, because there is a definite finished product at the end." His job entails getting students to take pictures for the Yearbook, market the Yearbook through advertisements and Yearbook sales, and "keeping everybody in a teen-like focus." Carr especially enjoys the many different personalities he has the opportunity to be exposed to each year.

In the future, Carr does not intend on pursuing other subjects to teach at Franklin Academy. In regards to the ongoing construction project, Carr states that he will be getting a new Yearbook room, "this one being much more organized." He feels that the construction will hopefully give Franklin Academy and the Malone Central School District a new sense of pride.

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