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In this movie, I thought that there were basically two classes. The "rich" and the "poor". They showed this by the type of operas that are seen. The "rich" would watch serious operas, and the "poor" would watch comical operas. And if the emperor yawned at on of these operas, then no one else would like it. For fun they would have elegant parties, but the "poor" class would have parties than were less strict and there was a lot of drinking.

The political members always think of themselves like they are better than everyone else, they always want to please the emperor. So if the emperor does not like something they do not either, but if the members do not like something then they take care of it themselves. The emperor has the power to do anything he wants, pretty much. He could end someone's career in an instant and can send someone to his or her death easily also.

But nobles and court officials can only accuse the person.

Both men and women wear wigs and a lot of make-up. Women are always wearing dresses and men always wear a type of "suit". They usually soups and bread, and they work a lot, and attend many operas. The roles of the women were to have babies, cook, and clean. From beginning to end he always took everything for granted, and never really acted serious. He was vulgar all the time, but he did work a lot, and spent more than he had.

I thought that it won 8 Oscars since Mozart is a famous person, even to this day, his music is still recognized by most, and this was his life story. I do believe that it deserved the 8 Oscars since they did...

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